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Stocks Recommendations for Long Term Investment in Tech, Healthcare, Communications & More

If you have an extra $3,000+ that you think you’ll be able to invest, then long-term investments should be on your radar. Having the time and patience to buy stocks and wait for the long-haul can increase your chances of hitting it big at some point. Of course, you might want a short-term investment or two as well in your portfolio since diversification is always important. That said, what are some stocks recommendations for long term investment?

Big Tech Stocks

Shares of several tech businesses have performed surprisingly well over the past year, which was unquestionably volatile. Some of these tech companies are showing strong sides of being able to stay healthy in the long-term. A few you might want to look into include Qualcomm (QCom), ZenDesk (ZEN), Cloudfare Inc. (NET), Paulo Alto Networks (PANW), and Nuance Communications (NUAN).


In addition to the big names like Amazon and Shopify, some other e-commerce stocks worth considering for the long term include Alibaba (BABA), eBay (EBAY is not going anywhere – it’s always been and will continue being one of the largest digital marketplaces in the world), Wayfair (W), and Chewy (CHWY).


With the 180 degrees turnaround in the US Senate and a new presidential administration coming in, you might be reluctant to touch healthcare stocks for the time being. There are still some healthcare stocks recommendations for long term investment that will likely remain financially stable: Teladoc Health Inc (TDOC), Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc (BIO), Moderna Inc (MRNA), and Quidel Corp (QDEL).


The energy sector is another that is going to experience changes under the new administration. However, renewable and sustainable energy is still the way of the future. It is still worth investing in for the long-term. Oil production and coal mining will inevitably become obsolete (especially the latter). A few renewable energy stocks to look into include Brookfield Renewable (BEP), ONEOK Inc (OKE), and SunPower (SPWR).


This sector is a vast, broad industry that encompasses many levels. However, communications services and technology overall will continue growing and have an impact in the decades ahead on economic development. Here are a few stocks recommendations for long term investment: Netflix (NFLX), Comcast (CMCSA), Alphabet (GOOGL), and Nexstar Media Group Inc. (NXST).


Some of these might be good ideas for you, and some of them might not be. Always take the time to research and consult with your financial advisor.

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