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New Car Insurance Quote Info: All the Details You Need to Know About Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes Online

If you’re trying to find insurance for a new car, or you just want to find a better policy than the one you already have, you can easily look online for some quotes. All of the insurers, both the major ones and the smaller companies, offer a new car insurance quote online. You can actually get multiple quotes and compare them at once, side-by-side.

If you haven’t used the internet to find auto insurance quotes before, just know that you should never, ever be charged for it. Quotes should be for free. Also, there is only a soft inquiry on your credit report whenever you apply for a free quote, so it won’t have an effect on the score. It’s not until you actually apply for the insurance itself that a hard inquiry will show up.

What all do you need in order to obtain a new car insurance quote? Typically, you’ll need to gather information such as:

• Personal details (DOB, address, marital status, and driver’s license) of everyone you want to include on the policy.
• The driving history (claims, tickets, violations, and driving courses completed – if any) of everyone you want covered.
• All of the vehicle information, including VIN, model and make, mileage, and date of purchase.

New Car Insurance Quote for New Drivers

If you’ve never been covered before, you might have trouble obtaining auto insurance on your own. It depends on the company. Ideally, you should have someone else add you to their policy.

Unfortunately, your own address could result in a higher rate, as insurers will look at the claims history for your area. If there are a lot of accidents on the roads surrounding you, you might be considered higher risk. The good news is that you might be able to get a discount if you complete a driver’s safety course.

Another thing to consider is the right amount of car insurance coverage for you and/or your family. If it’s a new car, you’ll probably want collision and comprehensive coverage so that it will be repaired if damaged under just about any circumstance. There are also “add-on” coverage types like rental car payments or protection for custom equipment.

When comparing multiple quotes, make sure they offer the same levels of liability , deductibles (if you are buying collision and comprehensive coverages), the price for the same number of drivers and cars (if there are any), and all of the discounts you might be eligible for. Most insurance companies list the discounts they offer on their sites.

To get started with a new car insurance quote, it’s worth trying Esurance. Discounts are abundant, and you can use the “Coverage Counselor” feature to help you find exactly what you need.

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