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Stock Investment Recommendations: Top 6 Companies and Industries to Look Into in 2020

While there has been a lot of negative news everywhere involving the economy and geo-political issues, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in any stocks. Historically, election years have always been pretty positive in the stock market world, so if you’re going to invest, this might be the right year to do so. Where should you be putting your money, though? Which industries and companies should you consider? Here are some of the current stock investment recommendations by the experts:


When people are feeling hopeful for the future, they are more likely to shop and use their credit and debit cards. VISA (NYSE:V) operates the largest credit / debit card network in the world, which makes it a better option than the other credit companies. VISA is also expanding its international operations due to the global shift from cash to digital forms of payments.

Natural Energy

Even if fossil fuels are remaining the dominant form of energy, there is still solar energy to invest in for now and the future. You can invest in solar companies, solar funds, or even lease land to a solar farm if it’s located in an ideal area.


TESLA (TSLA) is one of the top stock investment recommendations right now due to the strong demand for the Model 3 Sedan and the anticipation for the Cybertrunk and Model Y. Just keep in mind that this is more of a long-term investment – don’t expect short-term profits anytime soon.


While some investors might be concerned over PayPal and eBay slowly dwindling away from each other, PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) is still in a strong position as it is forming partnership with high-growth platforms such as Uber, Facebook, Mercado Libre, and Paymentus.


Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) keeps popping up in stock investment recommendations due to its expansion into all areas of CRM and database-driven management. It’s dominating the cloud database market and sells apps in addition to technology via a subscription model.

CVS Health

As far as pharmacies go, CVS has gone under the radar over the past 10 years or so. Pharmacies in general aren’t the most exciting investments since they are more or less convenience stores that fill prescription drugs. That said, CVS has been developing walk-in “Minute Clinics” and offering basic services such as strep throat testing, flu shots, etc. Its “HealthHUB” concept is pushing the company deeper into healthcare by offering full primary-care services and weight loss programs.

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