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New Investment Ideas Right Now: A Quick Look at 4 Industries / Companies You Might Want to Look Into

New investment ideas are popping up all the time; it’s all a matter of finding a few that will fit your portfolio well. Whether you’re interested in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, or real estate, there should be at least a couple of investments for you to consider right now seriously.

Just because there is a global pandemic going on and the world markets plummeting left and right doesn’t mean that there are no profitable investing opportunities. Considering that we’re likely headed for another recession soon, what are some relatively safe, low-risk investments?

Here are a few to look into right now:

Foreclosed real estate

Just like during the 2008 recession, there were a record number of foreclosed homes all across the country. Usually, banks will sell the foreclosed properties at a VERY LOW price. You might find some of these properties through a government or bank auction or REO listings. These might be excellent new investment ideas for those interested in flipping homes and reselling them. However, it’s not without risk as foreclosed homes may be in poor condition from the former occupants. They are angry about getting kicked out.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited

This Chinese-based multinational technology company (BABA) has numerous retail stores growing in popularity over the past couple of years. You’ve likely heard of AliExpress, which has an inventory to rival Amazon’s, with much more affordable pricing. In addition to online retail, there are also video streaming services, such as YOUKU.

Teladoc Health

As far as new investment ideas go, now is the perfect time to look into remote healthcare services. Teladoc Health (TDOC) recently reported a 92% increase in its paid members (second quarter). Its short sellers, in particular, have been adding money to their positions. It stands out because it offers the broadest range of digital/remote healthcare services and the most expansive geographical reach.

Low-cost Alcohol stocks

Alcohol is probably the #1 vice that might as well be a commodity. Prohibition proved that 100 years ago. It’s just not possible to keep people away from buying and enjoying drinks. Ensure that you invest in low-cost alcohol you can purchase at chains like Walmart or Wines on Amazon. As far as other vices go, it’s probably too risky right now. This fact is especially true with gambling, as casinos perform horribly during a recession.

Hopefully, these new investment ideas are something you might like. If not, you can find plenty more of them, as well as advice, tips, resources, and more at Motley Fool.

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