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Stock Market Tips for Beginners: 6 Basic Guidelines to Help You Get Started on the Right Path

Any beginner to stock trading should access to quality educational materials to help them learn as much as possible. While some trial and error are always a part of learning, you don’t have much room (or money) to make very many stock investing mistakes. If you haven’t yet determined your risk tolerance level, you should do so as soon as possible. This step should be your very first step. Here are some more stock market tips for beginners:

1. Learn about successful investors. Even if they have different trading styles than you, you will still learn from some of their early mistakes. You will get a better perspective of the stock market trading game. Warren Buffet, George Soros, David and Tom Gardner, and Paul Tudor Jones are just a few for beginners.

2. Try to figure out what kind of stockbroker account you need. To buy/sell/hold stocks, you’ll need a broker account. Online discount brokers make it easy for people who don’t have a lot of money to make a few investments. Ideally, pick one that is versatile and offers a range of investment types so that you can easily diversify your portfolio.

3. Carefully consider the funds. Keep in mind that online brokers sometimes have a minimum requirement for the money you put into the account. That still doesn’t mean you have to spend most or all of it within a short period on just a couple of investments. One of the best stock market tips for beginners is to assess how much you are willing to risk on each trade.

More Stock Market Tips for Beginners

4. Always start small as a beginner. At maximum, focus on no more than two stocks per session. Consider ETFs so that you won’t have to risk putting too much money into a single company or stock. Fractional shares are becoming more common, as well. This idea means you might be able to purchase just one-fourth or one-fifth of a share instead of a full one.

5. Consider your reading and research materials carefully. We recommend subscribing to a couple of different newsletters. Free ones are okay, but you’ll want at least one subscription to a quality newsletter. It will likely contain information, and stock picks from the top investors that won’t be available for just any trader.

6. Whatever the circumstances – don’t get discouraged. Persistence is key.

One source of some of the best stock market tips for beginners and top recommendations is Motley Fool. Free information and resources are available right now. Still, the best resources, stock picks, and secrets, are exclusively available for Premium Members.

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